Résumé for Carlos Pignataro

Residence Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA
Mobile +1-919-345-3028
EMail carlos@pignataro.net
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/cpignata


Carlos Pignataro, innovative thought leader with broad and deep expertise in many technologies and 20 years of experience, brings technology vision applied to business solutions and dramatic customer focus.

Recognized industry expert in network and protocol architectures, with great influence and collaboration skills in pan-organizational projects delivering business and technology value, Carlos has made substantial industry contributions across diverse networking areas. A Cisco Distinguished Engineer, Carlos drives technical excellence in multiple roles across Cisco and sits on the Services Strategy team executive staff.


Full bio available at http://carlos.pignataro.net/bio

Work Experience

Cisco Systems, Inc. 1999 — Present
Distinguished Engineer, Services 2007 — Present
Technical Leader, Global Escalation Team 1999 — 2007
SoftNet S.A. (now Logicalis) 1998 — 1999
Campus and WAN Business Unit Team Lead, Professional Services Department
Mercury Communications 1997 — 1998
Engineering Department ~ Projects and Developments


Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA)  
M.S., Telecommunications and Networking 1995 — 1997
Salutatorian, "Honor Diploma", GPA: 9.64 out of 10 (3.86/4)
B.S., Electrical Engineering 1992 — 1995
Salutatorian, "Honor Diploma", GPA: 9.04 out of 10 (3.62/4)
Multiple extra-curricular computer science courses, list available upon request 1992 — 1997

Corporate Membership

The Conference Board

Council on Innovation 2011 — 2015

Publications and Speaking Engagements


"People, Processes, Services, and Things: Using Services Innovation to Enable the Internet of Everything", ISBN: 9781631571008, Business Expert Press 2015
"Network-Embedded Social Network Protocols" (Invited Chapter), "Network-Embedded Management and Applications: Understanding Programmable Networking Infrastructure", ISBN: 1441967680, Springer 2012
"Layer 2 VPN Architectures", ISBN: 1587051680, CiscoPress/Pearson Education 2005
"Cisco Multiservice Switching Networks", ISBN: 1587050684, CiscoPress/Pearson Education 2002

Blogs, Podcasts, and Interviews

"Career Innovation: Reinventing Yourself at Cisco", Cisco Blog 2018
"Distinguished engineer connects people through technology", WRAL TV 2017
"In-Situ OAM And Telemetry Is Magic – IETF 99", Packet Pushers, Episode 125 2017
"Building Bonds While Building a School", We Are Cisco 2016
"Participar, contribuir y liderar: la evolución de Carlos Pignataro, Ingeniero del IETF", Internet Society América Latina y el Caribe 2016
"Invitation IETF95", "Summary IETF95", Internet Society América Latina y el Caribe 2016
"Cisco Reinvents Social Learning", Chief Learning Officer 2015

Selected Papers

"Debug Label and Related Techniques", IP.com 2017
"Inline Datapath-Signaled Reactive and Proactive Debug/Script Trigger Using IPv6 Policy Defined Addressing", IP.com 2017
"Network Auto-Correct Driven by Machine Learning", IP.com 2016
"Security for Internet of Things Devices Participating in Group Communication", IP.com 2016
"Dataplane-Triggered Content Cache In Content-Centric Networking Using Reverse Path Tunneled Response", IP.com 2016
"End-To-End Multicast Traffic Redundancy In Networks", IP.com 2016
"End-To-End And Service Function Forwarder (SFF)-To-SFF Service Function Path Continuity Check Using BFD", IP.com 2016
"Bitstring Based Path/Domain MTU Discovery In Bit Index Explicit Replication (BIER) Environment", IP.com 2016
"Fog Based Attestation - Inline Dataplane Based Integrity Validation And Event Based Attestation Query", IP.com 2016
"IPv6/NSH Metadata Based Fog Analytics To Distribute The Classifier/Analytic Load To Different 6lowpan Nodes", IP.com 2016
"The Segment Routing Architecture", IEEE Globecom 2015
"Bit index explicit replication tree trace operation administration and maintenance using proxy mode", IP.com 2015
"Granular traffic steering and load sharing with link groups (LAG) in segment routed networks", IP.com 2015
"Rapid triggering of remote instructions over network using oam probes, and iot actuation", IP.com 2015
"Label-Switched Path (LSP) Echo Reply Via Co-Routed Path In Segment Routed (SR) Network", IP.com 2015
"Securing the Internet of Things: A Proposed Framework", Cisco 2015
"Method for per-flow path-oriented latency (one way delay) and round trip time (RTT) reporting in Mediatrace", IP.com 2013
"Design-Centered Innovation: Observe, Learn, Innovate", The Conference Board, Council on Innovation 2013

Speaking Engagements

Speaker and session developer for CiscoLive conventions, Distinguished Speaker 2017 2000 — Present
Regular session developer, presenter and panelist at Cisco, IETF, and various customer and Industry events around the world. Assorted talks:
  • Building a Comprehensive Innovation Program for Services, Innovation Master Class, 3M Innovation Center, May 2013
  • Innovation Culture and Ecosystem, NCSU Poole College of Management, December 2012, and Business Growth Innovation Consortium, November 2013
  • Panel and session creator and developer for the Network Automation (NWA 2011) and Network Automation (NWA 2012) Conferences
  • IEEE — Joint Section and Computer Society MeetingSmart Connected Communities (S+CC), NCSU Centennial Campus, 2011


Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert — CCIE 4619 1999 — Present
Cisco Certified Design Professional 1999 — 2003
Certified Cisco Systems Instructor — CCSI 99447 1998 — 1999

Distinctions, Honors, and Awards

Cisco Live Distinguished Speaker 2017
Cisco Pioneer Award 2016, Core Technology, "Segment Routing for MPLS, IPv6, and SDNs" 2016
Cisco Pioneer Award 2015, Core Technology, "Service Function Chaining (SFC)" – Finalist 2015
Cisco Pioneer Award 2014, Core Technology, "Segment Routing for MPLS, IPv6, and SDNs" – Finalist 2014
Recognized ISSIP Advisor 2013
Innovating Innovation Challenge Winner, Harvard Business Review/McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation 2013
Sponsor of 2012 Forrester Groundswell Award Winner for Excellence in Social Media Collaboration Program, B2E 2012
Cisco Innovation Catalyst Medal 2012
Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) – Fall 2012 STAR Award Winner – Innovation in Closing the Consumption Gap (Cisco Systems) 2012
Cisco Pioneer Award 2012, Productivity Solution – Finalist 2012
Sponsor of Best New Community (Social Customer Excellence Award) winner at LiNC 2012 Conference 2012
Broadband Forum Ambassador 2011
Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) – Fall 2011 STAR Award Winner – Excellence in Innovative Support (Cisco Systems) 2011
Cisco Pioneer Award 2011, Productivity Solution – Honorable Mention 2011
Received 32 "Cisco Achievement Awards" 1999 — 2005
"Honor Diploma", MSEE, Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) 1997
"Honor Diploma", BSEE, Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) 1995
"Remarkable Youth" ("Joven Notable") Distinction – Argentina Stock Exchange Foundation 1994


Services Patent Strategist 2014 — Present
Co-Chair of the Cisco Services Patent Committee 2014 — Present

Patents Issued (at USPTO)

Patents Pending (Published ones at USPTO)

International Patents

Networking Technology Industry Contributions

Standardization Activities  

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

Author and/or Editor of 54 Internet RFCs, ISSN 2070-1721, and many Internet-Drafts — see Carlos Pignataro IETF Profile and Carlos Pignataro IETF Documents 2005 — Present
Co-Chair of the LIME (Layer Independent OAM Management in the Multi-Layer Environment) Working Group 2014 — Present
Member of the Internet Area Directorate 2014 — Present
Member of the Operations and Management (Ops) Area Directorate 2013 — Present
Scribe for the IESG narratives 2013 — 2015
Member of the MPLS Review Team 2013 — Present
Member of the Routing Area Directorate 2012 — Present
Member of the IP Diagnostics Technical Interest Group (TIG) 2012 — Present
Member of the Performance Metrics Directorate 2011 — Present
Co-Chair of the L2TPExt (Layer Two Tunneling Protocol Extensions) Working Group 2006 — Present
Secretary of the L2TPExt (Layer Two Tunneling Protocol Extensions) Working Group 2006

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)

"Expert" for ARP parameters 2010 — Present
"Primary Expert" for L2TP parameters 2005 — Present

Other Standards Developing Organizations

CableLabs 2006 — Present
Broadband Forum (BBF) Ambassador 2011 — 2015
MultiService Forum (MSF)
  • Contributing author in the Protocol and Control, Architecture, and Interoperability and Test Working Groups
  • The Global MSF Interoperability (GMI) Event — see the White Paper
2002 — 2003
Open Source  
Contributing author to Wireshark network protocol analyzer (successor to Ethereal)

Services Industry

International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP) 2012 — Present
Founding Member and Board of Advisor Member:
Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI) 2011 — Present
Participating Member, Presenter:
Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) 2011 — 2012

Teaching and Academic

NC State University (NCSU), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) 2011 — Present

Adjunct Professor

Board Member

Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA) 1993 — 1996

Teaching Assistant

  • Computer Sciences I
  • Physics I
  • Physics II
  • Mathematics V
  • Electromagnetism
  • Computer Networks
  • Probability and Statistics
Cisco Systems, Inc. 1999 — Present

Cisco Instructor


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